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Sleep your way to Productivity

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Did you know that lack of sleep will make you distracted and make it more difficult to concentrate on tasks. Quite often, when people are overtired, they will flit about from task to task, unable to quite finish anything. The plethora of half-done tasks will then start to create stress since you feel as though you haven't achieved much despite working long hours.

As your judgement and ability to plan are also impaired by lack of sleep, this may lead to poor decision-making. You may also fail to realise that the time has come to stop doing a task because you are not achieving anything useful. You may plod on and on, spending too long on trivial tasks at the expense of more important ones.

Both long and short-term memory is affected by lack of sleep. We might notice that we have to try harder to take on board new information and keep it available in long-term memory. The impact on short-term memory is more immediately obvious; we can’t recall things that happened two minutes ago. This is the point where you go up and down stairs fourteen times before you finally manage to remember that you went up there to get your glasses.

If you are struggling with your tasks or productivity, take a step back and work out how much sleep you've had. We don't all need the same amount of sleep but if you are getting less than is necessary for your body to recover properly each night, then one of the first areas to look at in your quest to improve productivity may be your sleep patterns.

If you are still struggling, why not book an Organisation and Administration Power Hour? I can help you to find ways to manage your tasks so that you can get more done in less time. Alternatively, why not book a call to find out whether I can take some tasks off your hands, allowing you to sleep peacefully, knowing everything has been taken care of.

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