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Benefits of HR Administration support

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One of my most popular services is HR Admin Support. HR involves a lot of documentation, all of which must be absolutely on point. There are a lot of considerations to weigh up and a lot of communications flying back and forth.

Independent HR consultants, in particular, tend to have several projects running at once for multiple organisations, and all the little details need to be just right. It's a very busy and often stressful role. Outsourcing the routine contracts, admin and communications can make a hugely positive impact on work-life balance in this situation.

Some of the areas where Consultants can benefit from HR admin support include:

Time management

By delegating administrative tasks to a support team, the consultant can focus on more strategic and high-value work, allowing the business to grow faster.

Increased productivity

When someone else completes the administration, the consultant can concentrate on their core responsibilities. This can lead to faster project completion times and more efficient workflows.

Improved client service

The independent HR consultant can provide better service to their clients. By having more time and resources available, the consultant can provide more personalized and attentive support to their clients. In some situations, it is possible to pass the admin costs on to the client. As the administrator bills at a lower hourly rate, this provides excellent value for the end client so that everyone is happy.


Rather than hiring a full-time administrative assistant, the consultant can use support services as needed. As the business grows, I find that my clients will often move from working with me to employing their first full or part-time administrator.


Removing the burden of administration allows businesses to scale faster. As the consultant's workload increases, they can use support services to manage the increased workload without having to hire additional staff. Once the workload is too great for their VA, then they may choose to employ a dedicated administrator and begin to grow their team. Alternatively, you may wish to add more VAs to the team, choosing those with specialist skills or experience in particular areas of work, to create a bespoke team that works efficiently to support all areas of your business.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of outsourcing, please contact me.

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