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Mental Health First Aid Coach.  MHFA Coach.  Laptop.  Person Working at laptop.

Mental Health First Aid Trainer

Supporting a very busy MHFA Trainer and Leadership Coach with tasks including:

  • Uploading course details to Eventbrite

  • Setting up follow-up emails and managing marketing via the Eventbrite platform. 

  • Email Marketing via Mailchimp - research, write and source images for the monthly newsletter.

  • Social Media support - research, write and source images for daily posts, scheduling them across four platforms. 

With a background in HR, a degree in psychology and a love of all things people-related, I'm ideally placed to support and help to grow this thriving business.   

HR Consultant.  Laptop.  Work.  Office Work.  Human Resources Consultant.

Human Resources Consultant

Helping busy HR Consultants to decrease their stress levels and increase their profits by taking on the admin tasks that stop you from doing the work you love.   Tasks such as:

  • Contracts & Handbook

  • New Starter Correspondence and checks.

  • Recruitment Support

  • Research

  • Note-taking for Grievance / Disciplinary

  • Redundancy documentation

With a background in team management and HR Support, I have the experience to provide an admin service that takes the Arrghh out of HR Admin.  Plus, I can add up to £14,000 a year to your business AND save you time.  Ask me how.  

Appointment Diary.  Online Diary.  Appointment booking.  Diary Management.

Bookings Management

This business owner called me because he was answering emails at all hours of the day and night and was tired of his work invading every spare minute of his day.  

Within 48 hours I had started organising the admin and now manage the inbox and diary, make bookings for his business, issue vouchers, create posters and documents, answer queries and provide great customer service so his clients want to come back time after time. 

Social Media. Mobile Phone.  Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Administration

Social media can be really time-consuming, can't it?   Posts, blogs, research, email marketing.  Then there is the whole "what do I write?  How frequently should I post?  Which platforms should I be on?"  It can be exhausting which is why businesses ask me to do this for them.  Tasks I commonly perform include:  

  • Write posts

  • Write blogs

  • Source or create suitable graphics

  • Schedule content

  • Email marketing - Mailchimp and Eventbrite

Jigsaw pieces.  Collaboration.  Public/Private sector collaboration

Public/Private Partnership Project

Having worked in both public and private sector organisations and spent 9 years as the point of contact between client and contractor on a large Public Finance Initiative contract, I have the skills to negotiate two very different cultures and achieve successful business outcomes.

Most recently, I have been the lead Administrator for a National Kickstart Gateway which involved:

  • Set up and run all admin processes for the project

  • Source training and development courses and track outcomes.

  • Set up and run training webinars and upload the recordings to YouTube.

  • Manage marketing for the project

  • Liaison with Dept of Work and Pensions, employers and employees

  • Email Marketing and automation to keep employers up to date with process changes.

  • Correspondence

ISO.  ISO Internal Audit.  ISO9001.  ISO14001.  ISO 45001.  ISO27001.

ISO Internal Auditing

I'm an associate for Alpha Swanson Ltd for whom I perform Internal process audits for ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 27001.

ISO certification is hugely beneficial for many businesses but is critically important if you wish to tender for contracts with either the public sector or larger organisations, most of whom will request this as a tender pre-requisite.

An ISO system can help your business to systematise effectively.  The initial information gathering process helps you to clarify the areas that need to be systematised and it can be a valuable way to find the areas that need to be tightened up as well as highlight the areas where you are absolutely excelling as a business. 

If you are thinking about systematising for growth and expansion then why not call me to find out whether an ISO system could help your business achieve that growth whilst also gaining internationally recognised certification.   

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