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Blue Monday: Or is it?

Today is Blue Monday. However, I don't feel it is particularly helpful to define a day as the most depressing day on the calendar. If you are struggling, surely it could compound your feelings if everyone goes on about how depressing today is going to be.

Mindset is a powerful thing. If you get up expecting your day to be rubbish, it usually is rubbish because you look for the things that went wrong, not the things that went well. The sun will rise beautifully in many locations whilst also rising behind clouds in others. But it will rise. It will be there.

Just as awful things can happen on any day of the year, it's also true that on Blue Monday the following things will definitely happen somewhere in the world:

  • People will get engaged and tell their delighted families.

  • People will marry, demonstrating their love and devotion to each other.

  • Babies will be born to delighted parents who cannot stop staring at those teeny, tiny perfect hands.

  • Exams will be passed.

  • Promotions will happen.

  • New clients will be gained.

  • Challenging tasks will be completed and there will be a feeling of accomplishment.

  • People will visit a litter of puppies or kittens and choose the animal that will become their cherished companion.

  • People will fly off on holiday, or do any one of 1001 things that make them happy, fulfilled or exhilarated.

So today, rather than feeling that a day has been allocated for us to feel miserable. Rather than letting the media tell us we should be miserable because let's face it, they are getting very accomplished at doing that, let’s celebrate the things that are positive, uplifting and beautiful in the world.

What has happened to you today that was worthy of celebrating? What have you done, seen or heard about today that is positive or made your heart sing?

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