Why choose JJB Office Services?

With more than 30 years of experience removing the admin burden from individuals, teams and even entire departments, you can be certain that I will quickly identify the most effective way to free up your time and allow you to return to doing the things you love.

My admin background ranges from supporting a very small team all the way up to managing HR admin for around 650 people.  That's a lot of experience and knowledge that I can bring to your business to help it to really grow and thrive.

But don't take my word for it, have a look at my testimonials and get a feel for the way I work.

How does it work?

We schedule an appointment to discuss the pain points within your business which are stopping you from getting as much done as you'd like.

Together, we will identify the areas where you are spending too much time on unproductive tasks, discuss the tasks you hate or find boring, and examine any business areas that you find difficult.  We then create a plan of action to tackle the areas that are keeping you away from your clients and family.

If you've got to the point where you aren't really sure what you need to outsource, you just know you are drowning in a sea of work, then don't worry.  I'm very experienced in asking the right questions, allowing us to quickly get to the heart of the problem and identify the best place to start.

Often I can quickly identify a couple of quick wins that we can implement immediately to make a real difference to your stress levels, allowing you time to step back and consider other areas which are stopping you from doing the things you love.

Of course, you may already know exactly what you need to outsource in which case we can get started right away on solving that issue for you.  This is often the case with project type tasks such as supporting you with a performance management case, transcribing your novel or carrying out an ISO audit.

How do I know how much time I need to book?

I will give you an estimate of how long I think the work will take when we first agree to work together.  I have a really straightforward pricing structure;

  • Per hour.  Agree the tasks to be completed.  Pay for the time it takes.  You can cap the hours to control costs.
  • Project-Based.  A fixed cost for an agreed task or set of tasks.
  • Ad Hoc.  Request support as and when you need it.  Subject to availability.  Regular clients take priority over ad hoc bookings.

All work carried out on an hourly rate basis is tracked so you know exactly how much time I've spent on each task.

Agreed hours can be extended subject to available space.

How can you do all this without being in my office?

There are a variety of ways to share files and information virtually so that I can work as though I was there beside you.  If you don't have anything set up then I can do this for you.

Communication is via text, email, phone and Zoom.

I hold passwords for clients in a secure password vault so they are very safe.

Can you work on my site?

Yes.  Sometimes this is the most efficient method.  Examples include office organisation projects, note-taking and holiday cover.

The Legal Stuff

I hold professional Liability Insurance and am registered with the Information Commissioners Office for Data Protection and with HMRC for Anti-Money Laundering.  Certificates can be viewed on request.