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 Streamlining Filing Systems

Recently, an organisation engaged me to complete a project to manage the transfer of an entire department’s filing systems from hard to electronic copy format.  I love filing and organisation so I was in my element.

Security and confidentiality requirements were of primary importance.  Time scales were dictated by a move to a new location with extremely limited storage space.

It’s a massive task, but someone needs to do it

Following a review of departmental documentation, around 20% of the files were archived.

3500 live files were then individually reviewed and re-organised to meet strict criteria.  The move to electronic filing records presented challenges.  This was a huge change for the department and security was a critical consideration throughout the project process.

The files had to be taken apart and reorganised to ensure key documents could be easily located within the scanned file.  As you can imagine, this was the most time-consuming element of the project.  Since the files were all current, they had to be prepared in phases to ensure staff had access to the key records they were working on at all times.

The completed files were listed, packed and sealed before being transported to another site for scanning.  Careful planning and management of the workload meant this phase completed two weeks early.  I had planned this into the schedule to allow time to take care of any last minute issues.  However, the process ran smoothly with no difficulties encountered.

The system went live on the proposed date, without incident.  The administrative and filing processes were then reviewed and re-designed to ensure effective documentation flow throughout the department.

The hard copy files were securely destroyed off-site once all documentation was safely uploaded and checked.

Cost, Resource and Space Savings

The project resulted in cost savings in relation to specialist storage costs as well as enabling the team to move into a smaller workspace, as originally planned.  For the future, paper, stationery requirements and ink consumption will reduce significantly within the department.

If you have a backlog of filing, or an office organisation task, and have no idea how you will find time to get it all done, let’s talk.

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  1. Sounds like a military operation transferring files from hard to electronic copies, but with a great outcome for the business. Along with cost savings for them too.

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