First Birthday Business Review

Happy Birthday to JJB Office Services

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It hardly seems possible that it was only a year ago when JJB Office Services opened for business.  The year has flown by in a whirl of setting up processes, website writing, marketing, and most importantly, supporting some fabulous local businesses to achieve their goals.  Today seemed a good day to look back over the first year and conduct a business review.  As I look back on the year I am proud that I’ve come so far.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first year in business.  So many firsts happened this year:

My first website, for which I wrote at least four sets of content before I was satisfied.   I am, after all, a perfectionist at heart.

First networking event.  That was rather nerve wracking and I sat in the car-park for almost an hour before I was able to steel myself to go in.  Of course, when I got in there, everyone was perfectly lovely.  That first event was quite a low key, relaxed event but the first time I attended a more formal event, at 4Networking, and had to do a two minute introduction, my poor dog had to listen to my pitch for three days until I was word perfect.  Networking was something I had been very nervous about when I set up the business and yet I have found I enjoy it immensely.  Since I’m quite nosey and I love people, I really enjoy hearing people’s business stories.  I always learn something new, sometimes something quite surprising, and always come away with a new perspective on something.

My first client of course. Every client I have is special and lovely,  and I enjoy working with them all.  I have a particular place in my heart for my first client though.

First self-assessment tax return. Which wasn’t actually as bad as people make it out to be.  I found it quite easy to complete.  Next year HMRC’s  “Making Tax Digital” will require me to use a cloud based accounting package so I’ve chosen QuickBooks Self-Employed as it produces a tax report which will hopefully meet HMRC’s requirements.

One of the best things about being a business owner is the scope for learning new skills.  I just love it.  I love the learning but I especially love using new skills to help my clients streamline their business processes.  It’s so rewarding to see people gaining more time to spend with their family or being able to return to leisure activities which they had dropped when they started their business due to lack of time.

I’ve loved working from home too.  It is not the first time I’ve done this and I’ve found I get lots more done without office distractions.  And of course, my clients benefit from that.  After all, when you are paying for your admin cover by the hour, you want as much work as possible to happen in that hour.  Being able to crack on and get your admin done really efficiently makes me happy, and seems to make my clients happy too, judging by the feedback I receive.

This year I’ve also worked on a challenging on-site project.   I love a good challenge and the project is currently on target to complete on time which I’m rather proud of.

I’ve met some great people and really enjoyed my first year in business.  I’m very much looking forward to my second year and helping more business owners to carve out some time for themselves.




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