Eight Crucial Requirements for Business Success

Eight Crucial Requirements for Business Success

Naturally, there are more requirements for business success but this is a blog post, not a novel and you came here, I assume, for the reading equivalent of a small snack, rather than a full seven-course banquet.   So whilst these are not the only requirements they seem to me to be pretty key ones.  And like just about every other key requirement in life, they are all underpinned by one single, absolutely critical requirement.  Hard Work.

Tenacitydetermination tenacity determined tenacious

At every stage of your business journey, you need the determination to push through obstacles. Never more so than in the early stages of the business set up. Growth brings its own challenges and even for an established business, keeping up to date with rapidly changing business and marketing methods, social media platforms, apps and technology can be a struggle.

Visionclear vision clarity business vision view far-sighted

A clear vision of the direction and aims for your business. Where you are going, and how you are going to get there. The step by step process you need to implement to get to your end goal. The success of your business relies on your vision. Also of critical importance is the ability to articulate that vision to attract customers to your brand.

Energyenergy enthusiasm excitement business success enjoyment

The determination and energy to work hard and to retain the enthusiasm and drive to succeed, in the face of setbacks.  Putting everything you have into your business to assure its success. The will to succeed burns brightly inside you.


In yourself, and in your business. Knowing right down deep in your gut that you can achieve great things.  Being totally committed to your product, or the service you provide and determined to make it the best in the market.

Resourcefulnessdetermination hard work energy enthusiasm business success

The ability to find a way around obstacles and come out the other side stronger and better than ever.  One of my most inspirational bosses had a saying, “There is no point trying to go through a wall, you must find a way to get around it.”  I heard that in my head every time I came across a road block to success in my career and now I use it in my business too.

Flexibilityflexible change management business change business planning business support planning for business success

To adapt to what life throws at you.  Being able to respond positively to feedback, being open to change and constantly seeking to make improvements to your service or product to ensure it delights the customer every time.

Supportbusiness support business structure underpinning architecture bridge

From your family, your friends, and your network of associates who are willing you to succeed. Support with tasks which you are less talented at so you are free to excel at the tasks that were the reason you set your business up.

A Kick Ass VA

To support you as you work toward your business goals. If you didn’t need to do your admin, just think how much more you could get done in your business.

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