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Effective Delegation: A key business skill

Effective Delegation: A key business Skill

Delegation is an essential skill for any small business owner who plans to scale their business, just as it is for managers and leaders in larger organisations. When done effectively, delegation can increase productivity and efficiency in your business and save you time that you can spend on revenue-generating tasks that will really increase your business.

If you are planning to grow your business during the coming year, then delegation is a skill that you will need to master. It can feel challenging to hand over some of the work to others; the business is your baby after all. However, delegating the routine tasks or those that take you a long time because you either hate them, or aren't good at them, will certainly free up time for you to action your business growth plan. Armed with these tips, you will be growing your business successfully throughout this year and beyond.

Identify tasks that can be delegated

Start by identifying tasks that can be delegated to other team members. These could be tasks that are not a high priority, tasks that require less expertise, or tasks that can be used as a learning opportunity for team members.

Choose the right person for the task

When delegating, choose the right person for the task based on their skills, experience, and interests. Ensure the person has the necessary resources and support to complete the task effectively.

Provide clear instructions

When delegating, provide clear instructions on what needs to be done, the expected outcomes, and the timeline for completion. Clarify any questions or concerns the person may have and ensure they fully understand the task.

Set clear expectations

Set clear expectations and accountability for the task. Communicate any guidelines or standards that need to be followed, and ensure that the person knows what success looks like.

Trust and empower your team

Trust your team to complete the task effectively and empower them to make decisions and solve problems independently. Provide support and guidance as needed, but avoid micromanaging.

Follow up and provide feedback

Follow up with the person to track progress, provide feedback, and offer support. Recognize their achievements and offer constructive feedback to help them improve.

Remember, effective delegation requires trust, communication, and clear expectations. By delegating effectively, you can empower your team, increase productivity, and achieve better results.

If your admin is taking up too much of your time and you are looking to outsource some of the routine tasks so you can get on with tasks you love which bring in the income to your business then get in touch for a discussion.


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